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Did you know..

Today's air conditioner heat exchangers (coils) are not manufactured the same as they were 10 years ago. In order to make their products cheaper and affordable to all,  air conditioner manufacturers are using recycled aluminium to produce coils which is not highly durable, not corrosion resistant, and the wall of the coils are much thinner and quicker to deteriorate. This leads to even quicker rate of gas leaks when attacked in acidic environments containing sulfuric acid, sulfur, and /or hydrogen sulfide which is the most common type of acidic based chemicals used in today's chemical wash cleaning process for your air conditioners.

Mr.Green's Air Conditioner Cleaning Services


Like cars, air conditioners need regular maintenance to run efficiently and to save on your monthly electric bill and reduce repair costs.

Your air conditioner will not run in optimum condition without a clear maintenance and service schedule. Mr.Green’s friendly air conditioner cleaning service offers a wide range of Maintenance and Service contracts, so you can pick the one that best meets your needs. Whether you prefer to have a long-term contract or schedule appointments as cleaning services are needed, our knowledgeable and friendly servicemen are fully prepared to make sure that your air conditioner runs smoothly for years to come. We take a proactive approach to your air conditioner maintenance, reminding you when the next service is due to keep your air conditioning unit(s) running in its optimal condition. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your schedule and other restrictions.


Residential or commercial building owners.

  1. We pride ourselves to be Malaysia’s pioneer GREEN CLEANING air-conditioner service/repair provider using Mr.Green’s powerful cleaning solution for air conditioners that is non-toxic to do the cleaning work on your air conditioning units.
  2. Because Mr.Green's cleaning solution is non-toxic and non-corrosive, it will not weaken any metal parts (cooling fins and coils) and that will prevent any gas leaks from the creation of non repairable holes due to corrosion. This will ensure your air conditioner will run as long as it is operational.
  3. Excellent customer care. We keep a service log for each and every customer.  Our friendly customer service personnel will give a courtesy service call every 6 months, reminding you when your next service is due to keep your air-conditioning units running in its optimal condition.
  4. Highly trained and experienced servicemen and technicians to service/repair your air conditioning unit in no time.
  5. Our professional air conditioner cleaning services rates are not priced any differently than the standard market rate and you get all the added benefits.
  6. With Mr.Green’s friendly air conditioner cleaning services, you will get a safe, natural, and environmentally friendly way to effectively clean the air-conditioning units in your home, office or business premise alike.


If you are an air conditioning service/repair contractor.

  1. We also supply Mr.Green's cleaning solution for air conditioners to other service/repair contractors. You can purchase our solution and use it for your own customers.
  2. The cost of purchasing Mr.Green's cleaning solution is not much higher than what you are paying for the toxic chemical solution. Unlike handling the current harsh chemicals during the cleaning process, our solution does not cause any permanent scars and burns on your skin or leave permanent stains when it comes in contact on your customer's household assets like tiles, furnitures, curtains, etc. You should make the switch now.
  3. When you switch from using harsh chemicals to Mr.Green's cleaning solution, you are also helping to provide an environmental friendly air conditioner cleaning process that will not harm the customers surrounding or the environment.
  4. When you use Mr.Green's cleaning solution, your customers will stick with you because their air conditioner runs better in the long run. You will definitely get repeat business from them.
  5. And your customers will appreciate your services because you are committed to protect the health of your customers and the environment.