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Did you know..

Today's air conditioner heat exchangers (coils) are not manufactured the same as they were 10 years ago. In order to make their products cheaper and affordable to all,  air conditioner manufacturers are using recycled aluminium to produce coils which is not highly durable, not corrosion resistant, and the wall of the coils are much thinner and quicker to deteriorate. This leads to even quicker rate of gas leaks when attacked in acidic environments containing sulfuric acid, sulfur, and /or hydrogen sulfide which is the most common type of acidic based chemicals used in today's chemical wash cleaning process for your air conditioners.

Seeing Is Believing

Please click on thumbnails to enlarge image.


Before Cleaning Starts.

Look how dirty the various air conditioners we have here. They are filled with dirt and grime. Without regular and proper maintenance, you will stress and make your air conditioner work even harder in order to blow out cool air. This will lead to higher electrical bill and cooling performance degradation over time.



During The Cleaning Process.

This is where Mr.Green's solution is used. Notice how the solution is already working on the stubborn grease, grime, algae, and dirt on the air-conditioning units, feeding and breaking down all dirty contaminants and particleswithin minutes to complete the cleaning task efficiently and effectively. Then, it is washed off with water.



After Cleaning Results using Mr.Green's Cleaning Solution.

Notice how clean the coils and fins are. Also, the evaporator coils are cleaned to its natural oxidised color as opposed to getting bright shining color which denotes metal corrosion that could give rise to gas leaks from the non repairable holes which is prone in harsh chemical wash process.