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Today's air conditioner heat exchangers (coils) are not manufactured the same as they were 10 years ago. In order to make their products cheaper and affordable to all,  air conditioner manufacturers are using recycled aluminium to produce coils which is not highly durable, not corrosion resistant, and the wall of the coils are much thinner and quicker to deteriorate. This leads to even quicker rate of gas leaks when attacked in acidic environments containing sulfuric acid, sulfur, and /or hydrogen sulfide which is the most common type of acidic based chemicals used in today's chemical wash cleaning process for your air conditioners.

About Us


If You Are Still Wondering About The Harmful Chemical Wash Used For Your Air Conditioners

The current practice of using chemical wash for air conditioners can be high – not in terms of chemical cost, but the high indirect cost of premature lifespan of your air conditioning unit due to metal corrosion that causes non-repairable gas leaks,  long term health concerns for your family, and environmental pollution caused by the chemical manufacturers and the disposal of harmful toxic and polluting substances to your surroundings once the chemical wash cleaning process is completed.


With Mr.Green, We Give You Cleaner Air Conditioners, Cleaner Health, and Cleaner Environment

Mr.Green is a brand name for our air conditioner cleaning services and cleaning solution that is committed to provide a COMPLETE environmental friendly air conditioner cleaning process that directly contribute to a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for home or building occupants and the cleaning crews alike.

By using Mr.Green’s cleaning solution that is non-toxic and non-corrosive during the air conditioner’s cleaning process, it will not corrode the condensing unit coils, hence your air conditioner will last as long as it is operational. This itself is a huge savings for you.

Mr.Green's full cleaning services are committed to service and maintain your air conditioning systems to ensure maximum cool comfort for your indoor environments.

Mr.Green values our clients. We provide professional and friendly service at a fair price.

Mr.Green will continue its commitment to protect the health and environment and we will continue to strive for excellence and are confident you will find our air conditioner cleaning services and our cleaning solutions to exceed your expectations.