Who Is Mr.Green?


Mr.Green is Malaysia’s 1st GREEN CLEANING air-conditioner service/repair provider and cleaning solution supplier for air conditioners using natural plant based formulation that is CERTIFIED non-toxic to do the cleaning work on air conditioning units within minutes.

Mr.Green is set to revolutionize the air-conditioning cleaning industry and our aim is to replace the current air-conditioner cleaning industry norms of using HIGHLY toxic and CORROSIVE chemical cleaning agents with Mr.Green's cleaning solution that is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, nonpathogenic (harmless), and is biodegradable.

What does this mean to you? Chemical wash WILL SHORTEN the lifespan of your air conditioning units. Here is why. Chemical wash is acidic and will immediately corrode your air conditioner evaporator coils, fins, and other parts the moment it comes in contact. And it continues to corrode the metal layers of the evaporator coil, fins and other parts during the cleaning process until it is washed off. That’s why the metal parts look so "shining" and that is in fact, NOT a good sign for your air conditioner because that's a sign of corrosion where the already thin metal coil layers are thinned out even more. And if the chemical wash is not washed off properly, it will continue to eat into the metal layers until non-repairable holes (naked to the eyes) appear where gas leaks occur. Your unit will then need constant gas top-ups at short intervals to keep cool, higher electrical bill due to your compressor overworking every minute of the hour to keep the cool air going, or you could replace it with a brand new unit which again cost you lots of money. And when you need to replace with a new unit, the money will come from your own pocket, not from your air conditioner contractor. That is why A LOT of air conditioners that have been through several chemical wash process have noticeably shorter lifespan compared to its rated lifespan due to the usage of acidic and corrosive chemicals to wash your air conditioner units. In short, it’s a waste of your time and money.  And the cycle will repeat itself again. Sounds too familiar? So you better pray hard that the contractor washes off the chemical properly the next time you use their chemical wash service or you could go the Mr.Green's way as explained below.

If Mr.Green's cleaning solution is used for your air conditioner's cleaning process, gas leaks won't occur at all regardless the number of times the unit is being washed throughout the years and gas top-ups are virtually not required, which again saves you money. And your air conditioner will last as long as the unit is operational because the natural plant based formulation will not corrode any surface materials thus preventing any damages or gas leaks. It’s as simple as that.

With Mr.Green’s friendly air conditioner cleaning service, you will get a safe, natural, and environmentally friendly way to effectively clean the air-conditioning units in your home, office or business premise alike. And your air conditioners will last longer and work like brand new on each cleaning service with Mr. Green's cleaning process. It works each time, everytime. So, which cleaning method would you prefer?

How Mr.Green's Cleaning Solution for Air Conditioners Can Work For You and The Environment


The moment Mr.Green's cleaning solution is sprayed onto the air conditioner’s evaporator coil and all other surface area, the cleaning job starts where the powerful plant based formulation will attach themselves to any stubborn grease, grime, algae, and dirt on your air-conditioning unit, feeding and breaking down the contaminants within minutes to complete the cleaning task efficiently and effectively. Then, it is washed off with water.

You will be safe and free from harmful toxins while enjoying improved and cooler air flow, extends the life of your air conditioning unit beyond its rated lifespan, energy savings that translates into lower electric bill, and most importantly hazardous chemicals are not used and the toxic chemical waste is not disposed off indiscriminately into your surrounding area or to the environment, a way of your contribution towards a greener environment for all.


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Why Use Our Cleaning Service


Non-toxic and non-corrosive cleaning solution.
With Mr.Green's cleaning solution, your air conditioners can withstand countless cleaning services without corrosion risks. Your airconds will last longer and cooler without the risk of gas leaks.

img_2Saves you money in the long run.
With Mr.Green’s regular cleaning service, your air conds will work like brand new on each service, so you will enjoy cooler air without overworking the units which saves you money on electric bills.


img_3 Competent servicemen and technicians.
Our knowledgeable and experienced servicemen and technicians are prepared to service/repair your air conditioning unit(s) in no time.

img_4We keep your service logs.
You don't have to keep in mind on your next service. Our friendly customer service will give a courtesy call reminding you on your next service.

Friendly customer service.
Our friendly and excellent customer care personnel will accomodate to your schedule to minimize any inconvenience for you.


img_5 You will be doing your bit for the environment.
Because Mr.Green's cleaning solution is biodegradable, it actually helps the environment by reducing water footprint, a way of your contribution towards a greener environment for all.


What Clients Say...

"I'm really satisfied with how clean and fresh my air conditioners are after cleaning. They are way much cooler than before and I can be rest assured that using Mr.Green's solution will ensure my air conditioners last as long as it is operational"

- Darren Singh


"I asked them to service 5 units of air-conditioners in my home. They are really courteous and educated professionals who speaks well. I'm so impressed with their services that I asked them to service my parents home as well."

- George Toh


"They are very thorough with the cleaning job. Every bit and pieces of the air conditioning parts are dismantled and sprayed with the solution for cleaning. I can see for myself that the solution really does its cleaning job well. I will definitely spread the word around to my circle of friends about their green cleaning services."

- Mior Rashid


"I saw their their ad from media focus. I LOVE their brand name and decided to try them out because I want to do my bit for the environment and their cleaning solution is really harmless compared to harsh chemical wash. I have never regretted using their service at all"

- Jessica Tan

Did you know..

Today's air conditioner heat exchangers (coils) are not manufactured the same as they were 10 years ago. In order to make their products cheaper and affordable to all,  air conditioner manufacturers are using recycled aluminium to produce coils which is not highly durable, not corrosion resistant, and the wall of the coils are much thinner and quicker to deteriorate. This leads to even quicker rate of gas leaks when attacked in acidic environments containing sulfuric acid, sulfur, and /or hydrogen sulfide which is the most common type of acidic based chemicals used in today's chemical wash cleaning process for your air conditioners.